3 Top Trends for Men's Earrings

In the past, ear piercings were synonymous with females. Therefore, one would be forgiven for their surprise at the sight of a man who wore earrings at the time. Even today, a lot of focus is given to female earrings even though it is normal for men to wear these fashion accessories. Therefore, the situation represents a market that has not been exhausted, and for ear piercing jewellery suppliers, this is the right time to start supplying men earrings. However, you must understand the current earring trends for men since it will set your business apart from the competition. 

1. Stud Skins -- Notably, the studs for earring jewellery are an essential component of a woman's style. Some of the studs are made from precious stones, and they can be expensive for the average customer. A cost-effective alternative that most men are turning to is stud skins. The pieces of fabric are attached to studs made from plastic to resemble precious natural stones. Furthermore, some skins can make the studs to glow in the dark, which has proved to be a hit with most men, especially those that want to show off their pieces. Since the skins are cheap, they offer value for money in the ever-changing fashion industry. 

2. Novelty Earrings -- Just like women, men like being unique, and what better way to show such individualism than with earrings. It is the reason why novelty earrings are becoming more popular in stores selling male products. That said, suppliers must be careful with the type of novelty earrings they sell to their customers because not all designs are popular with customers. For example, novelty earrings that involve the ocean, ship steering wheel or pirate's skull are more likely to sell along the major beaches. The reason is that men that love ocean life will connect with the earrings. Novelty earrings are also relatively cheap because your customers can purchase several dangles in different designs and alternate them. 

3. Minimalist Earrings -- A common problem men have always had is finding earrings they can wear on any occasion. Whether it is for a drink at the bar or to a company's formal dinner, most men do not have an earring that can be worn to both events comfortably. Minimalist earrings have made things easier because not only are they elegant and straightforward, but they can also be worn to any occasion. The reason is that minimalist earrings are not as big and conspicuous, and that means that they do not overwhelm a customer's attire. However, on closer look, minimalist earrings have some of the most beautiful designs around.

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In the past, ear piercings were synonymous with females. Therefore, one would be forgiven for their surprise at the sight of a man who wore earrings a